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Reasons Why Is Asbestos Testing Tauranga, Whakatane, and Rotorua Still So Important

Reasons Why Is Asbestos Testing Tauranga, Whakatane, and Rotorua Still So Important

Asbestos has largely not been used in the construction of homes since the 80’s but was only officially banned in Australia at the end of 2003. That is quite a scary statistic because it means that this hazardous material may still have been used in the construction of some homes and is the main main reason why asbestos testing Tauranga, Whakatane, and Rotorua is still so important in buildings that were constructed before the 80’s up until 2004.

The other scary fact is that asbestos is not all that easy to spot. Most people are unaware that asbestos is present in their home or other buildings until an expert inspection has been conducted. Bay Building Inspections provides expert inspection for all types of buildings situated in Tauranga.

But perhaps the most important consideration to for asbestos testing Tauranga, Whakatane, and Rotorua is the reason that the use of this material in construction has been banned entirely.

Asbestos is made up of fibers that breakdown into microscopically thin slivers or particles. These particles are entirely invisible to the naked eye but exist in the air and are breathed into the lungs. Not only are the particles invisible, they have no smell or taste and cannot be felt when they are breathed in.

The tiny fibers will not cause any coughing or sneezing as they are breathed in. This means that most people are totally unaware that they are inhaling the hazardous material until it is too late. When these fibers become lodged in the lung tissue, they can have severe health consequences resulting in serious respiratory diseases.

The most common of these is Asbestosis which is the scarring of the lung tissue and results in difficulty breathing as the scars make it hard for the lungs to absorb oxygen. The disease can be fatal and treatment is largely ineffective once the disease has been detected. The scarring cannot be reversed.

Lung cancer and mesothelioma (which is cancer of the lining of the lungs) can also result from exposure to asbestos. In most cases, these two types of cancer are fatal especially after extended exposure to the material. It is important to seek treatment for these diseases as soon as possible to have the greatest chance of recovery.

However, just like the microscopic asbestos fibers that are difficult to detect, the symptoms of these diseases take time to present and often only appear when it is too late for treatment to be effective. Over and above this, there is what is referred to as a latency period that can last anywhere from 10 to 40 years during which there will be no symptoms of disease. It is therefore critical to have asbestos testing Tauranga, Whakatane, and Rotorua performed if there is any concern whatsoever as soon as possible.

It is also recommended to schedule an inspection with Bay Building Inspections when considering buying a new home or when moving house. This inspection can save you the severe health consequences down the line as well as save on the purchase price of the property. The only sure way to confirm the presence of asbestos is through a professional inspection and asbestos testing Tauranga, Whakatane, and Rotorua on order to take immediate steps to have it removed as soon as possible.