About Us

About CWA

We specialise in Swegways. Also known as mini Segways. All Swegways will be posted from the UK. The Company’s comprehensive line of Robotic Mobility Platforms (RMPs) is based on PT technology that has been adapted to provide versatile, durable mobility solutions to researchers, academia and robotic integrators.

Why Swegway ?

letter-w-logoOften referred to as ‘self balance board’ and ‘airboard’ this new way of travelling has taken the nation by storm.

Simply lean in the direction you wish to go and our pressure pad recognition sensors will direct you with great ease.

This intuitive device is waterproof and incredibly durable. Weighing in at 10kg this futuristic product can travel up to speeds of 10mph. Fast charging means that an hours charge lasts for up to 10 miles.

After your first day of use you will start improving in no time! Once you have reached an advanced level you will be able to easily navigate in almost any environment e.g. the kitchen, gym, workspaces, walkways & skateparks